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The Montana Men Series

(Montana Men Book 4)
Released On March 13th, 2017!

Secrets abound, but love and the open spaces of a Montana cattle ranch sooth the souls in the stories of the DeBron clan.  A doctor, a sheik and rough, tough ranchers – all with a bit of mystery and lots of steamy romance.

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It was time to take a wife. Sheik Droon Al-Hassair had escaped assassination attempts, regained control of his country and recovered the economy. His country was thriving now. It was time to take the next step and ensure his country’s prosperity by creating an heir.

His lovely assistant Lina was just the woman for the job. But every time he got her to open up, she would shy away. She was such a passionate woman when he took her into his arms, but during the daylight, she acted as if she’d done something wrong.

Not to mention, one issue after another kept him from discussing his intentions with the lovely Lina, frustrating him and he could see the confusion in her own beautiful eyes.

It was time to take control. And the best place to do that was his home in Montana. Lina didn’t fully comprehend his intentions, but she would!

Available Everywhere, Buy Now

Now to convince the little lady to take a chance on him. She didn’t trust men. Not after what her first husband put her through.

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Author Of The Book

Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Elizabeth Lennox

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"Good story certainly made me want to keep reading the series. "


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The Montana Men Series

Available Everywhere, Buy Now